A collection of frequent questions and answers

Who will photograph my wedding?

Dimitris Chorianopoulos is the main photographer. In some weddings I have an assistant or second shooter.

What is your vision of wedding photography?

I believe that the best way to capture your wedding is by being an observer, not a director. I document moments, people and feelings that come out naturally without guiding or interfering.

Do you process the photographs?

My involvement with your photographs does not stop at your wedding day. I will go over your images to correct the color, brightness and contrast, and sometimes do some minor retouching. Furthermore, I review the images that I will use for the wedding album, pick up the best photographs and enhance them to reflect the emotions of the day.

Do you shoot film or digital?

I prefer digital. I use small and discreet cameras, lenses and equipment. I am able to shoot a large number of photographs this way – play with light and try lots of different angles without worrying about running out of film. Digital also allows me to work without flash more often so I can capture the mood and ambient light much more easily -it looks much more natural that way.

How do you design the wedding album?

The wedding album is designed by me based on my experience. My aim is to provide the best and most complete album based on the photographs taken. Therefore the album design might have more pages than those agreed. You can change the design, add or remove photographs or pages up to 2 times. In case you decide to purchase an album with more pages extra charges apply.

Do you shoot both color and black & white?

Another advantage of digital capture is that you can have all images in both color and black & white.

How soon will I see my photographs?

Photographs will be online within a few days from the wedding date. Album design might take up to a month from the wedding day, your album will be ready in 4-5 weeks after you approve the design.

What are your payment terms?

I require a booking retainer of 30% of the total wedding cost. A further 50% is required a week before the wedding. The balance is paid when photographs go online.

How about travel?

I will gladly travel anywhere to shoot a wedding. Chiaroscuro Photography has photographed weddings all over Greece and abroad.

Why should we choose Chiaroscuro Photography?

Because you see the value of wedding photography and you want yours to be special.

Because my images speak to you in a certain way, they are more alive, more real, more fun.

Because you don’t like having your photograph taken, so you want a photographer that will make the process easier and fun. You also want your photographer to be invisible for most of the day.

Because you want to deal directly with your photographer who will meet you on his studio and give you all his attention from start to finish.